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Avex electronics, Ltd is a leading electronics contract manufacturer (ECM) serving the fastest-growing segments of the global electronics manufacturing services (EMS) market. Recognized as a technology leader, Avex electronics provides end-to-end manufacturing solutions, delivering unsurpassed quality and support to OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) primarily in the consumer, industrial, lighting and optoelectronics sectors.

Avex electronics is unique within the electronic manufacturing services (EMS) industry with more than 17 years experience in turning customer's concepts into world-class products through our unique set of value-added product realization solutions. 

We offer:

   - Printed circuit board assembly (SMT and THT) with full traceability

   - testing equipment development

   - mass production in high volumes

   - prototyping and test batches production

   - service and repair

   - supply chain management

Our customers are supported with unprecedented speed in product ramp-up, delivery, and the ability to manage volume regardless of complexity or product mix.

Avex offers an unrivalled ability to manage programmes from conception to maturity.








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Avex, ltd. operates huge manufacturing capacities. The most important ...



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